My Diary Life…

When I first wrote in a diary, I was seven years old and thought that you were supposed to write down what you did that day in a bullet point fashion.

Since then I have grown to not only tell my pages all of my greatest hopes and lowest moments, but I’ve also found the inspiration and excitement to write Romance of every kind!

While I am still in the process of putting the majority of my written works into published forms, There are a few available now in ebook and paperback forms on various platforms like Amazon, Lulu, Nook, Apple and Kobo!

I hope you check them out!


You can also think of this place as a journal about journaling!

Everyone these days knows that writing in a diary or journal has a number of benefits, but some of us simply live for it! We write to breathe. If we didn’t write, we would likely suffer, mentally and emotionally. And we have, on occasion… When we didn’t write.

I journal to keep my sanity, and my diary is not only a tool for my health; it is also my friend. I trust it to tell the truth. After all, I wrote those words, they must serve as the best record of my personal journey through life.

Please join me as I continue to write about writing! Browse the Writing Prompts, look through the Topics I recommend every writer look into (for sanity purposes, of course).

If you have loved writing for some time, I hope you have set up (or are at least working on) your Writing Space. Every Writer needs a sanctuary amidst the crazy world, complete with Writing Desk, Tapestries, Lamps, Pens, proper Beverages and other adornments!

This site is equipped to earn side income, so your interest in my sideways world of words is in support of my extensive journal-buying habit… I only put forward those products which I myself love and have used.

If only this site alone could afford me all the diaries my heart desires, but alas… *sigh* …I’ll soon have to refer to my own pages on DIY Journal Ideas to make more tombs of record…

But, my growing insanity begins to show! My apologies… I’ll save my insanity for a Secret Diary.

And if you want to know more about me, or have any questions at all, please reach out over social media to the facebook page and I’ll do my best to write you back soon!

Until then, #stopandwrite.