3 Ways to Write during busy Holidays!

When things get busy, the things you love most can sometimes slip, unfortunately.

Here are 3 tips to keep your journal alive -if a little minimized- throughout the Season!!!

1) Leave it open with the pen laying in the spine, next to the door. – In my experience, when I’m about to leave a room and I see something that reminds me of a task I need to complete, it helps if I can do it quickly as I walk out! Try setting your Journal on a table or dresser right by the door so that, when you leave, you can notice it, pause, and write a line or two!!! Even if it’s “I’m late, I need to buy six more gifts, I wish the holidays were over already.” At least it would be a genuine record of that moment…? 🙂 Then you’ll end the season with several pages of snip-its and snap-shots of crazy moments!

2) Write your holiday lists and to-do’s inside it! That way there’s at least evidence of a reason why you didn’t have time to write. Plus, it’s a sort of journaling, in that: you’ll re-call that huge ham and how hard it was to find Jenny’s favorite brand of cranberries. Ahhh, good times… >:P

3) Start a Holiday Diary. No, really: a Holiday-Only Diary that is special for this time of year. In it, you can record only the festivities and family nonsense that the winter season brings out! Make it a Winter tradition and part of the special things you look forward to as you add each new year!

Above all, if you make it through the end of the year and are still standing, even if you wrote not a word… sit down and make a choice on whether it really matters enough to re-hash, or if you simply want to tell you Journal that this season was tough, enough said and let’s move on.

Whatever you choose, keep it positive and keep writing, no matter when you get the chance;)

Happy Holidays, friends!


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