A note to writers of any number of minutes or years…

Dear reader who is also a writer, or wants to be:

I want to you to know that writing is at once easy and difficult, fun and scary, simple and infinitely complex. Don’t worry so much about it, because really you’ll be more proud of the fact that you wrote than how picked-perfect it was.

I can write an essay of great prose, but it won’t mean anything to me if I spent a month polishing it and wrote nothing else.


Because that means I missed that month.

All the great things I could have put down without thought to greatness or fancy style… all the moments I could have captured and made into life-long memories… Sentences that needed no editing because they were born of an already perfect scene.

So I urge you, Writer. Don’t be that writer. Don’t be so caught up in the final product that you miss the simple beauty of somethings original expression.

Write… just to write. And love it for that.


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