About the Author

Hi. I’m crazy. You can tell because I write about writing. Weird, huh?

Author Daren Layner and Cat

My name is Daren.

I spend my time enjoying the pen in my hand. I like to document my life unfolding around me and watch a season come to life. Or, as it happens in Phoenix AZ, see summer come and kill everything.

There isn’t much I don’t write about, whether in my diaries, journals or on my computer. When the moment comes, I’m never without a pen and something to use it on, even if that happens to be my arm. I hope you find inspiration here, in my diary of diaries!

I started this site as a way to further enjoy my writing habit and share that love with others. I started using #stopandwrite to remind myself of the importance of giving life to the page, and I hope you find all the helpful prompts, useful tips and awesome accessory ideas you can handle here!

I’d love to know your thoughts and writing obsession. Reach out on social media to let me know what you think of what you find here for your continued journey into the chronicled life!