Just a note to our music-lovers…

Hey, so I was at MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) yesterday and thinking about all the people I know who write and play music. It was a long list. #creativemovement

Anyway, I saw this book and the writer in me jumped out to say “I’d love to write in this!”

Then my inner-pianist said “It’s for writing music, stupid…”

“…oh, yeah…”

blank music notebook, music journal

Nevertheless, I was inspired, and I snapped a shot of it to bring light to something wonderful:

Musicians, when you write music, you can also write your inspirations and stories behind your work, and for that, I’m so jealous!

I’m just a wannabe poet, but those sections of lines inspired me to have structure on the page when I write my pieces! Guidelines! Like your music does.

Maybe one day I’ll learn the Piano better and actually pursue the Harp like I’ve always dreamed… then I’d love to fill a Journal like this with my heart… and my music!


3 thoughts on “Just a note to our music-lovers…

  1. Tico Tanguma

    Kimmie !!! I would love to do a journal for 2017. I am getting ready to finish my CD and would love to write the adventures I go through in my music with the help of the CD. Plus I would like to write new songs for the next CD.

    1. thediarylife Post author

      Sounds like this would be a great kind of Journal for you, then! A Musical notebook with the Staff could serve to let you write music and stories of your journey and inspiration along the way!


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