Secret Diary

Everyone has a part of themselves that they don’t necessarily share. Perhaps with a loved one, a significant other, but not with the world. Not with their friends, not their co-workers or extended family. Something that they hold back.

If you have writing that needs permanent protection from the world, consider why I recommend destroying it. Literally.

There’s lots of reasons for this. And each reason has its place and is valid for its situation. I do believe, however, that there are times when holding something back becomes unhealthy. And that’s when we start to deny a part of who we are… even to our own selves. I’ve seen this so much more in the past few years than I ever noticed it before. I certainly hope it isn’t a trend to stay, but…

We all put up a few walls to protect against the world, but don’t let yourself fall into the habit of putting up a fancy façade so much that you can’t be real anymore.

Don’t let the idea of changing or being something other than what you feel inside ever even be born. What I love about a Secret Diary is the ability to see yourself in the raw. Unaltered. Possibly unhinged, in my case.

That beauty of you and sometimes the spots you don’t think are so beautiful… those are treasures you can use to live the life you desire most.

Clues as to how to find happiness are deep within our hearts, because each of us is seeking a different version of it. Your version is something you discover from within.

Things you learn when you write those secrets, those hidden pieces of you that come to life… they are lessons you will remember for a lifetime. Ideas about your hopes and fears, how to build new bridges and restore your past. These things hide deep in our minds and souls and can come out on the page… but only if we are willing to drop our facades… and be truly ourselves.

I worry, because I see people lie, (like people sometimes do) to others about who they are inside, and try to be what others want them to be… and they start believing it themselves. They become convinced of their own lies. Lies like these:

‘I’m the same every day, to everyone.’

‘This is the real me.’

‘If people disagree with me, their opinion is invalid because they’re just haters.’

‘I’m happy with myself.’

‘I’m just going with the flow.’

‘This is the right choice, everyone agrees with me.’

‘I’m right.’


Wow. I see this stuff on my newsfeed. Every. Single. Day. Do you know what my brain hears while reading these kinds of statements, other than an earsplitting bu!!$h!t alarm?


I get translations from my more cynical side, saying things like:

‘I hide so no one can accuse me of the truth.’

‘This is my mask.’

‘I don’t have to accept criticisms.’

‘My emotions justify my behavior to you.’

‘I won’t accept responsibility for myself or my actions.’

‘I’ll conform to be liked.’

‘I’m ignorant. Diluted. Stubborn. Childish.’


…Harsh? Or do you think that all those people who run around claiming that the B!tch^s and H0^s can’t get them down (when no one ever bothers with them about anything they didn’t start themselves) maybe they need to have a secret diary to be crazy in, so the rest of us could have some peace?

My point is that these bold and trendy statements people throw around are just hollow phrases which mask a true opportunity for personal assessment. Instead of reacting to someone’s attitude, why not pause and write about every feeling and thought that went through our mind and body, and think about why. Forget the idiot who bothered us. Take it as a chance to get to know yourself.

In this way, we not only rise far above the petty people in our lives, but we delve deep into a fulfilling journey of self-discovery which will be forever documented in the pages of our perfectly imperfect diary.