Writing Desks

I won’t waste your time.

I know you want the best desk possible for your writing space and that you’ll not lose valuable time in deciding Birch vs. Mahogany or otherwise. Goodness knows the entries won’t wait.

So. While I may get a little carried away with the flights of fancy of a few of my favorite desks, I will always give you these certain details:

  1. Design – Elements of design that may be functional, useful, necessary for planning or arrangement or could dictate limitations of use… all these things I will attempt to think of and enumerate.
  2. Features – Number of drawers, nooks, cubbies, built-in accessories, shelves or other additions that may make the desk more attractive to your particular needs.
  3. Look – Perhaps a certain look and style is important in your space, like the shade of the wood in sunlight which streams through yellow curtains… well, I’ll do my best. Any extra notes on beauty and delight, I’ll try to include.
  4. Chair Height Measurement – Nothing could be worse than realizing your favorite writing chair’s arms don’t fit under your new desk! An easily overlooked detail I will pay special attention to.
  5. Overall Functionality – No short-cuts here. I’ll summarize as best I can what the total value of each piece rests in, from size and usable space to how many extra organizers you may need to have!

Truly, I used to love antiquing with my Mom when I was a little one. Still do, in fact we do it whenever we visit, now… but, I would always search for a new schoolwork desk, because I wanted the perfect one. If it didn’t fit just right, or if I didn’t think it’s top could hold everything I wanted to have at hand, I wouldn’t sit at it a moment longer. It had to be old, but not rustic. Dark wood, but not so dark it looked black in my usually dimly lit bedroom… Drawers were a plus, but simplicity had the place of prestige in my mind. My mother probably thought I would never find one and to be honest, I never really did.

I still search. Every time I see a desk, I wonder… could that be it?

Sometimes desks come into our lives and we make them work. I had an antique that my Father let me use. It was the one he used as a boy all the way into his twenties. It’s pull down surface slid smoothly and revealed wooden cubbies that I stuck organizers into. Scrap paper and writing utensils. A single hole-puncher, also antique. Later, I bought a simple $60 build-it-yourself desk from an office supply store, which I then painted and re-painted to keep it looking fresh during the twelve years that I used it.

a cheep but versatile single-drawer desk

It’s always been rickety but reliable, and though it’s betraying the antique oak desk of my dreams to say it; I love that little pressed wood piece of crap. I wrote hundreds of thousands of words on that surface, and I won’t forget it.

The point is that the desk you seek is sometimes a desk you earn.

Or just the desk you happen to find.

Or the desk you decide to buy today.

But either way, your desk is a brilliant and important work of art that you should always appreciate and honor, for the work it allows you to do atop it with comfort and stability.


So, without further story-telling, here they are:

Antique Desks

Wooden Desks

Vintage Desks

Space-saver Desks

Minimalist Desks

Corner Desks

Modern Desks

Retro Desks

Travel Desks

Lap Desks

Portable Desks

Folding Desks