Writing Prompts

When I write Fiction (which is infrequently in recent years), I need prompts from time to time to practice the art of putting a sentence together, being engaging and hooking the reader.

Fortunately, I do not rely on such skills to make a living. I’m rather a bore when it comes to action; too much detail and not enough movement through the scene. But, I always used writing prompts to challenge myself to improve in fiction writing techniques.

Now-a-days, I don’t use many prompts, but I do find enjoyment in compiling and categorizing them! Here are some that I have worked on for journaling purposes.

Emotional (Positive) – I’ve always used journaling as a way to get to those hard to reach good vibes on a rough day. It’s not that I’m gonna feel any better, but I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve used these to give an awful day a sucker punch in the stomach.

Emotional (Negative) – For when you’re not gonna win, no matter what you do, or if you just don’t want to be happy today. Ick. There’s nothing wrong with destroying a page with expletives, angry lines and violent phrasing. Try it out, if you don’t usually; it can really make a splash in a usually even-keeled tone.

Inspiration – When you want so badly to write about something meaningful and have nothing to start off with. Think about these ideas.

Blocked – This might be simple for creative writers who have to deal with being ‘blocked’ as per the usual routine, but it can be very frustrating when you are trying to express something about your life in a journal entry and you can’t think of what to say. So much going on and no words seem to fit.

Practice – Sometimes there just isn’t anything really going on in life that requires a ton of chronicling. Still, I use every seemingly empty day to hone my skills at making something out of nothing (a skill I prize). Even when there doesn’t seem to be much to talk about, there is always plenty to say, trust me. This process of digging deeper might help.

Rainy Day – My favorite days to write are rainy days. There’s thunder, grey-blue skies, water flying everywhere! It’s got all the motivation a pen could ever ask for and far more than usual days with its symbolism, irony and dramatic effect.

Travel – Not that you should write down every conversation and every interaction of the entire day on your trip, but just picking out an impactful moment and expounding on it can make for a beautiful series of memories to last.

Fantasy – These… these are up for total and complete interpretation. I can’t help you out. What you come up with to write about is from your life, not mine;)

Nature – Now really, there is a lot of really great things in nature that can be turned into so many wonderful pieces. If you love the outdoors, use them to your advantage.

Poetry – Little snip-its of lines can serve to help the imagination take off a little more. Nothing more creepy than opening the entry about your Halloween spook-house experience with a poem…

Romance – Poems are good for this, too, but the best way I’ve found to write about your feelings (if it doesn’t come naturally), is to listen to someone who is. Or read a blog on it. Either way, writing is a great way to become a lot more in tune with those feelings deep down inside and a healthy way to bring them out for further development and understanding.

Drama – Have an awful argument? Wish you had started one? The way you’re feeling has words that go along with it. Do some digging to find out just which ones…

Creative Writing – Can’t shake that first love. Those of you who harbor a deep and secret wish of writing a story one day, well… you’re among friends. Honestly though, I’ve had a great deal of success writing scenes in passing in my journals because I was away from my computer when the conclusion to a scene just happen to come to me. So don’t fight it, if the urge comes to you and all you have is your journal, let it flow;)

Ok, so if you think I should compile a new list, or if there are situations you face ‘prompt-less’ and would like some help, write me on social media!