Writing Spaces

………a place for writing    My writing space!    A place for writing………

Perhaps there is something better than sitting in my perfect writing chair, looking out the window, seeing the leaves of my staring tree. Or glancing to the other direction for a view of the full bookcases neatly gathering dust. Maybe a feeling could top the completeness of a pen in my hand from the holder, poised over an open binding to a blank page…

But, I couldn’t possibly know. Because I’m lost in my space at this moment, forgetting the world, losing touch with the harsh annoyances of participating in reality. I’m home. I’m safe. I’m ready to relate everything that I have been through since the last time I was here in this wondrous, peaceful place I’ve created. I’m a journaler.

It wasn’t always this way. I didn’t happen across the finest of writing spaces. I built it.

I’ve had nowhere to write and sat in the employee break room at many jobs with an available scrap and leaking ballpoint that must’ve been ten years old… I’ve written when I was on a bus. In a car. On a plane. During class. Late at night in a park because I couldn’t bear going to sleep (or going home), knowing what I would wake up to… or not.

Then there were a few places I found that I could come back to and write, over and over again. Nice places, like a rocking bench on the back patio with a low square table next to it for my coffee mug. Or my living room couch in the first house I lived in by myself. Some places just felt right. Felt like the words came without effort, or attempt.

Then one day, someone who knew me well, told me that I needed a space to write. A place that was mine, and that I could retreat to, undisturbed. What a thought! I couldn’t even imagine what that would look like. Maybe… maybe I would have a desk just for writing! No computer, no stapler, no paperclips to clutter the space. Just a desk that stood firm, awaiting a dedicated book. Wow… what a thought.

I had no idea that one day soon I would have such a beautiful writing space as to rival any I had happened across before… this intentional beauty has taken my love of the written word to a place of honor in my life and as a result, it has helped me to grow in so many ways as only journaling can!

It would be my greatest achievement to help others one day build their own Writing Spaces, free from clutter, office trappings and the stress of obligations. One day, I hope that you, too, have the desk you dream of, the writing chair to recline in, the plants to help your writing mind think, a book stand for your inspiring book of choice, and perhaps a pen or two… all dedicated to you, and the journal in your hand.