Writing Tools

Let’s get to it. I hate that part of a class where the teacher gives out something right away and then says “Don’t touch it! We’re not doing that part yet.” It’s such a pill. So instead of saying I’m going to give you my all-inclusive favorite pen list and then going on about myself for four paragraphs, here’s the Pens I use and love:






And although I love pens the most, I do, on occasion work on something which may need correction, in which case, I would recommend any of these Pencil options:

Skilcraft Dual Action Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

Bic MatiC grip 0.5mm #2

Skilcraft Woodcased Medium No. 2 Pencils

Quills are another great way to put words to paper. I have used quills gifted to me over the years and found them to be a great challenge to my hand and my thought process.

Perhaps my only experience with a quill (until recently) was this one, when I was younger. The ink was what I loved, though. I’m always much more interested in the ink. See my most recent attempts at a quill here:

This Quill and Ink Set Disaster.

Some other good options, no matter your age:

Colored Pencils



And some accessories to writing with these beauties are:

Pen Holders

Book lights

Book Bags

Pencil Bags

All of which I have one or more of and take a great amount of delight in using!