Your Diary

So you want to Buy a Journal, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Before you buy, you should always research! Here, I’ll go over some basics for deciding on the type of Diary you might want, based on what you want to use it for, how you will carry/store it, what writing tools you’ll use in it and so on!!!

Large Hardback white journal with quote  Floral Diary Cover  Blue and white stripped hardback diary with quote  Handmade Black Leather Journal with Cord Tie

Remember that everything from the cover to the feel of the pages and the presence of a ribbon marker are all things to think about when selecting your very own Journal.

Click on the Type you think you might be interested in to read more about it:

Large – Dimensions starting from 7” x 9” and up I consider large because at that point I have to carry a bag bigger than my normal purse.

My largest journal, 7 1/4"x 9 3/4"

My largest journal, 7 1/4″x 9 3/4″

Small – These fit well in most mid-size purses and can be toted most anywhere without a hassle.

Several Small Journals

Small Journals, aprox 3.5″x5″

Tiny – Some of my dearest journeys in life have been taken in tiny diaries. Definitely one of my oldest tools when it comes to pouring out my heart; sometimes its scary, so a smaller page can seem safer to a guarded person. Learning your mind and how to trick it, is a great talent!

A tiny diary in the palm of a hand

My littlest journal: handmade paper and leather-bound!

Leather – Ahhhh, I love that smell… unfortunately these fragrant beauties can intimidate my writing spirit, with their glossy and rugged covers alike! A worthy challenge for any serious Journaler…

Thick leather-bound journal

A thick leather beauty!

Paper – A true lover of pages can appreciate the simple majesty of the humble soft-cover journal!

Soft cover journal

Soft-cover Paper-bound journal

Cloth – Cloth covered journals are what my Mother used to write in, every morning. Something about the soft Cottage and Floral prints of the fabrics used made they seem quietly powerful, and I’m sure seeing them lined up on the shelf was an early step I took towards my own personal journal obsession. These almost plush treasures have a nostalgic and special place in my heart, and the only one I’ve ever written in, she gave to me.

Cloth covered journal

My Sea Turtle cloth journal!

Lock – A locked journal is a classic of 80’s and 90’s kid’s lives! I remember my first Diary I ever owned had one… I was still learning to write at the time and continued to have horrific spelling for many years to come. But, that lock and key made me feel so grown up, I loved putting any words I could grasp to the page if only to have something to lock inside.

Celtic – There’s something profoundly spiritual about Celtic designs, I must admit myself to be mildly under their spell. I love anything Old and decaying that still lives on and inspires us. A look at Celtic imagery and designs will have you feeling the effects of dark nights in wooded clearings, cloaks and hoods and spells being cast. A chilling vibe for a powerful volume of words…

Blue Dream Book, tree on front

Inspirational – Words to Inspire and Inspiration for words. Some journals have quotes and messages in the pages to prompt positivity and creativity. These little inserts can go a long way towards influencing the mood of your day… or (if you think like me and don’t want little tidbits interrupting your work) these could bother your smoothly flowing lines by taking up valuable real estate in the corners.

Quote on cover of journal

Strong quotes for a great start!

Colorful – A bright facade may remind you from across the room to write each day, or keep you from leaving your precious tome somewhere to be lost forever! Not to mention, colors inspire the mind and heart. You may write best with some brighter themes…

Tinker Bell Journal

Favorite Disney character journal?

Art Covers – Never a better inspiration to write than a beautiful print of your favorite painting or a whimsical scene of a future you one day hope to achieve! A journal with a picture can really push your mind towards creativity, reaching for ever more thought-provoking ideas… or remind you of your crazy grandmother and her Thomas Kindaed obsession. Calendars, journals, day-timers, prints… her whole house was full of them, and so were your Christmas boxes.

Decorated Journals

Try making a beautiful place for your words.

Spiral – Oooooooooooo, I have several of these!!! Excellent because of it’s fantastic ability to lay flat and fold back on itself, I love a good hardcover spiral journal and the durability it provides. Many notes have I placed in those handy book-bag survivors, from decorating notes to book ideas to poems and songs, I’ve loved them for their unimposing face and welcoming open!

Planners – Maybe not everyone is a fanatic like me, but I write more than your average person in my daily planners. I used to keep them, year after year, because they held a blow by blow of my normal life. 365 days’ worth of history, a fully capable daily diary, all set to go. I suppose I cannot be so entirely alone, because I happened across the perfect planner for me, only a few years ago! It’s called a Passion Planner, and it allows me to have my entire life, home, work, school, groceries, thoughts, goals, dreams and journaling, all in the same book. Honestly the best planner I’ve ever had, and a wonderful journal for the fast paced and endlessly complicated lifestyle.

Ribbons and Notches – So, I’m going to make a special mention for my ribbon diaries… I prefer them, only because I don’t want to have to flip through a dozen pages before I find the one I just had. Also, notches are a great thing. Some diaries and day planners have perforated edges so you can tear a corner off once you’re done with a particular week, however even if they do not make it so simple for you; you can cut them off yourself! I myself like to notch to the month page in my planner, and then place the ribbon in the current weekJ

Thread Bindings – Possibly my favorite, the best of these babies lay flat for the most comfortable writing experience! Plus, you can usually find them in almost any size, hard cover and soft!

Thread-bound Journal

Lays open soo smoooth…

Digital – Throw stones if you like, but I’ve even written in word documents and saved them when the mood struck. I’m not one to denounce all but the finest in paper and lines, for some subjects my hand shakes too much to be legible. And others I must erase without a trace once they have been created… Words are powerful, friends, don’t force them to be what you want them to be: let them flow and take shape however they may, just as the words themselves first take shape in your mind.

Kids – My first diary was blue and had flowers and butterflies on it. A lock and key. It instilled in me a love of placing words to the page and protecting them. Valuing them. Knowing their worth. I have a few first choices for the young ones in my life, one being for a sweet little blond girl with a tiny voice, another being for a big boy with equally blond hair and an even tinier voice… then there’s the one for the firecracker; she’s got the loudest voice of the bunch, and the little spunky one, well he’s just got some sort of crazy in him. But they all use their diaries for different things and with different reasons. But the point is for them to have another form of expression, in case the ones they’ve built so far, don’t do them justice.

Blue kids locking diary

My first Diary!!!

Whatever is available… – I’ve written on receipt paper, for goodness sake. Those sticky note pads that businesses print with their logo and give out at events for publicity. Napkins. The scrap pile. Those ‘Intentionally Left Blank’ pages in your bank statements.

Care of… There are many ideas about how to keep and care for your journal, schools of thought ranging from the Wreck This Journal point of view to the pristinely oiled hinge of a lock. Whatever your level of care for your different diaries, be sure to show love where it is deserved when it comes to your treasures!

These are just some basic categories that you might be interested in. Of course, there are a near endless supply (thank the journal Maker!) of various features, styles, sizes and kinds of journals so we can continue writing without fear of ever buying the same book twice! Lovely! If there is a type of diary or journal you believe I have shamefully skipped over, please let me know so that I might review it. (And by ‘review’ I mean buy)